Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml
  • Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml
  • Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml
  • Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml
  • Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml

Colloidal Gold 10ppm, 100ml

  • Ingredients: 99.99% pure gold particles, demineralized water
  • Bottled in glass for UV protection and to preserve purity, with pipette
  • Made in EU
  • Packed in strong & hard heavy-duty cardboard tube : ideal protection for traveling and journeys.


  • by electrolysis that insures highest quality, homogeneity and stability. Meaning it does not require the use of any chemicals or stabilizing agents. This method  results in a high-quality and well-dispersed colloidal gold product.
  • with the highest zeta potential. Zeta potential is an important parameter that measures the electrical charge of colloidal particles in a liquid medium, such as colloidal gold. A high zeta potential indicates that the particles have a strong electrical charge, either positive or negative, which can affect the stability and behavior of the colloidal particles. A high zeta potential is desirable because it indicates that the gold particles are well-dispersed and evenly distributed in the liquid medium. This can improve the stability and effectiveness of the colloidal gold product, as well as reduce the risk of particle aggregation or sedimentation.
  • with 432Hz & 528Hz frequency.
  • with sacred geometry.

With no artificial additives or animal proteins. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place, away from electrical appliances. Concentration in ppm may vary +/- 5%.