Zeolite capsules 3xTMA, 240 veggie capsules, 0.26lb (118g)
  • Zeolite capsules 3xTMA, 240 veggie capsules, 0.26lb (118g)
ISO 22000 & 22716 Standard Certificate

Zeolite capsules 3xTMA, 240 veggie capsules, 0.26lb (118g)


- 3x Tribo-mechanical activated & micronized zeolite
- Ultrafine zeolite particles 0.3-1.4 μm
- 240 Veggie Capsules, 0.26lb (118g)
- Promotes detoxication
- Supports digestive health
- Boosts the immune system
- Free of: fillers, preservatives, gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, yeast

- Below in the description you can find reviews from our satisfied customers.

Made in EU


Zeolite clinoptilolite is currently only approved in the EU as a feed additive, anti-caking and binding agent and is declared as E567 and E568. In the USA, zeolites are registered as safe for humans by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under code (CFR 21) 182.2727.


DO NOT use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or have a medical condition. Consult a physician before use. Keep tightly closed out of reach of children, away from microwave.
Do not use if the safety seal is broken or missing!

General Information

Clinoptilolite content up to 94%


100% pure natural zeolite clinoptilolite

Directions for use

Zeolite powder is approved in the European Union (EU) as an additive in animal nutrition for all animal species.

Reviews from our satisfied Amazon customers:

"I was in a wreck in August of 2020 and had a lot of titanium installed in me. When I started to feel a little better from all the broken parts I told every doctor that I seen something isn't right. I finally talked my Primary Care doctor to send me for an allergy test. Sure enough allergic to titanium. Doctors either don't want to believe that titanium can hurt a person or they are afraid of being sued for putting all they did into me. going on the 2 year mark since the wreck and I was getting so bad that I could no longer eat. I had to drink alcohol to not feel completely horrible.

I told my doctor that it was building up in my system. He still doesn't believe me! Took 4 caps yesterday when they arrived and started to get a little hungry. Today is day 2 and I feel better than I have in 2 years. Amazing! And yes doctors can be idiots."

Link to the review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1DFLO05LL8WRO/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B089YD9JSG

"We've been using these zeolites as part of a niacin sauna detox protocol to remove heavy metals and other toxins and they work great, highly recommended by the practitioner I worked with. We were using the powder, but my kids really didn't like the powder even though it doesn't really taste like anything, so I ordered the capsules for them which will work with less complaints! I was concerned about the lead in Zeolites but I read up on it and they did a study showing it doesn't give you lead, and my PhD nutritionist supported my use of them, so that was good enough for me! Feeling much better since going through my detox!"

Link to the review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R30OGMX7VI2GWO/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B089YD9JSG

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