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We are introducing a special referral program for all our customers with special benefits for sponsors and for their referrals – friends or customers. With this program we create coupons with bonuses for the Sponsor and Referral (friend), when they place orders.


Sponsor – each registered customer can be a sponsor and recommend our products.

Referral (friend) – your friend or anyone you are are acquiring from our referral program.


5 ways to invite your friends:

- Share sponsorship link (forums, blog, Facebook...)

- Share button with sponsorship code in product pages

- Giving sponsor voucher code (invite-code) to enter on the shopping cart

- Giving sponsor ID code or email to enter on the registration form

- Send Email invitations.


If you are a sponsor, you receive 20% value of each order placed by your friend, who used your referral link or vaucher to register and place an order. Your friend receives a 5% discount on her/his order (tax and shipping costs are excluded from the discount).

How it works

1. You as the sponsor give your discount coupon to new friends (via blog, instagram, social network)

2. A friend makes an order and uses your coupon

3. A friend receives a discount on her/his order, and you receive a vaucher with 20% value of your friend's order (tax and shipping excluded)


You invite your friend to discover our web shop. When your friend registers (with sponsor’s Email, link or code) and makes an order for 100€ (tax and shipping excluded), you get a 20% from the current order as the vaucher with 20€ value after the payment is confirmed. You can use this vaucher with your next orders, if you own a bussiness or company and you can issue a bill, we can also transfer this money to your bank account.

You can see all the details including your own unique referral link and code in the Refferal Program section on your profile page: https://www.heiltropfen.de/shop/en/my-account