5% Lugol's Iodine Solution 33.8 fl Oz (1000ml)
  • 5% Lugol's Iodine Solution 33.8 fl Oz (1000ml)
  • 5% Lugol's Iodine Solution 33.8 fl Oz (1000ml)

2% Lugol's Iodine Solution 33.8 fl Oz (1000ml)

  • 100g solution consists of: 2,0g iodine (USP), 4,0g potassium iodine (Ph. Eur.,USP), 94,0g water (twice destiled, Ph. Eur., USP, NF)
  • 1 vertical drop is about: 2,50 mg iodine solution (1 mg iodine and 1,50 mg pottasium iodide)
  • Iodine is an effective remedy for bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Glass bottle 
  • Appearance: dark liquid
  • Made in EU

The recipe originates from the French doctor Jean Guillaume Auguste Lugol.

First aid antiseptic.

Our iodine comes from mined crystals, not from shellfish or seaweed. Always fresh. Does not expire. Store at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight. Natural water purifier, solution consists of 94% distilled water, 4% Potassium Iodide and 2% Iodine. As a water purifier add 6-12 drops per liter of water.

Iodine is necessary for the thyroid gland's proper performance of its work. We usually get iodine from our diet, however the soil is depleted of essential nutrients and iodine is one of those minerals. In Japan the average consumption of iodine is 10-14mg daily.