Zeolite 3xTMA 454g
  • Zeolite 3xTMA 454g
  • Zeolite clinoptilolite 3xTMA 454g
ISO 22000 & 22716 Standard Certificate

Zeolite clinoptilolite 3xTMA 454g

€ 23.69
  • Clinoptilolite proportion 95%
  • Ultrafine <2μm (3xTMA ground)
  • Activated - high efficiency
  • very high cation exchange capacity
  • 100% natural product, vegan
  • Packaging Material / (BPA) FREE
  • Made in Slovakia
  • Color: gray-green

  • Below in the description you can find reviews from our satisfied customers.


Characteristics of our zeolite: Our natural zeolite is a cube zeolite, which is the richest silicate mineral. 100% natural product, natural without any additives.

Activated zeolite - means that the zeolite is heated for a longer time over 450 degrees Celsius during processing, so that not only the free water but also the bound, crystalline water is dried out. Activation increases the ability to detoxify.

Zeolite clinoptilolite is a natural product of nature as an extraordinary gift. Zeolite clinoptilolite meets the requirements of EU approval E567 and E568 and is currently approved as a binder and anti-caking agent.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee is valid 30 days from the date you receive your item/s. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product, simply send it back to us and we will refund your money - no questions asked.

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Warning notices:

Zeolite clinoptilolite is currently only approved in the EU as a feed additive, anti-caking and binding agent and is declared as E567 and E568. In the USA, zeolites are registered as safe for humans by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under code (CFR 21) 182.2727.

General Information

Clinoptilolite content up to 94%


100% pure natural zeolite clinoptilolite

Directions for use

Zeolite powder is approved in the European Union (EU) as an additive in animal nutrition for all animal species.

Positive reviews from our Amazon customers:

"I’ve tried a dozen or so different zeolite products- liquids, sprays, and powders. Powders are the best by far, and of the powders, this product is superior. Small particle size allows for thorough systemic/cellular detoxification. I take humic and fulvic acid (particularly humic) for gut detox, flora restoration, and general bio(me)remediation and nutrition as the larger particle zeolite tends to constipate me. Can’t beat the big three- Zeolite, Humic and Fulvic Acid. When taking zeolite I’m sure to take at least 5 g per serving and in many cases up to 10 or more grams. Zeolite is known to have a dosing paradox. Meaning, If you don’t take enough you will most likely experience adversely detox reactions i.e. “cold and Flu” symptoms."

Link to the review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3AIR8ZHIHFTBE/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B07PF75MMW

"this stuff is an absolute
miracle for severe cystic acne. i have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to fix my skin, even accutane did not work for me, but zeolites do. this stuff is the best bang for your buck. This zeolite powder clears my skin from the inside - the existing acne just flattens out and disappears instead of getting infected and turning into a big painful nightmare and I don’t get any new acne while using this. I couldn’t afford TRS in the quantity i needed to maintain clear skin so this stuff is an absolute lifesaver. if you have skin problems, you need this! After 6 weeks on zeolites my skin was totally clear."

Link to the review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R18WVOW52TXT5R?ref=pf_vv_at_pdctrvw_srp

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